8 Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Bathroom remodeling ideas offer many options for design, style, fixtures, and uses of the space. In any case you need to make efficient use of the space you have, while maintaining a look that you can appreciate. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom due to unexpected damages or because you want an upgrade, the decision to undertake a bathroom remodel can be difficult. You should consider whether the whole bathroom needs to be redone or if minor changes or parts need to be replaced. Maybe you’ve decided to give your bathroom a facelift. There are ways you can add design touches to the bathroom through updating lighting fixtures, repainting, or adding accessories that are affordable and can be done by yourself. These small changes can make it seem as though you have completed an entire remodel! If you are doing an entire remodel, take into consideration all your bathroom remodeling ideas and gather remodeling estimates. Unless you are a skilled carpenter, plumber, electrician, and interior decorator, you will require the assistance of skilled experts to help you complete your remodel. Here’s a few tips to help you with this tricky undertaking.

1. Budgeting

Once you’ve designed your bathroom, you should set up a budget. Make sure to include costs for contractors, electricians and plumbers if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer. Even if you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer, some remodeling projects may still require the need for outside help. If you don’t have experience with remodeling costs or materials, then make sure to do your research and obtain multiple estimates before you begin your project. When hiring an electrician or plumber to help with your bathroom remodel, confirm that they are licensed to do the work, and get details of what they will be doing before signing any agreement/contract.

2. Bathtub, Stall, or both?

The size of your bathroom, in addition to who will be using it, will determine which option you decide to go with. If you are limited on space, then a shower stall is your best option. They offer flexibility over a regular tub due to the different shapes that can be utilized. If you have the space for a bathtub, whether you should opt for a tub over a shower stall depends on who would this bathroom be used by. For example, if this bathroom will be used by a grandparent, or your kids who are still young, then a bathtub will be the more suitable option as it allows the versatility of a bath or a shower. Having both a bathtub and shower stall is usually only possible in a master bathroom due to its size. MTI Savoy 2 Freestanding Tub (65If you can install both, then consider changing your bathtub for a whirlpool tub. Since the bathtub would be used exclusively for baths (as you have a shower stall for showers) you may as well go for the tub that offers the most luxurious and relaxing experience. If you have the money, go for shower panel fixtures with multiple adjustable settings for your shower stall.

3. Choosing a sink

There are many different choices to pick from when it comes to bathroom sinks. Sinks made from dark porcelain and metals like copper are appealing in the showroom but can make water stains and soap scum stand out. However, dark sinks can work well with certain styled bathrooms. Choosing whites and off whites for sinks will appear cleaner and brighter. Check with the store or website you are buying the sink from to see if it needs to be ordered ahead of time for the remodel.

4. Choosing a faucet

Before you begin your remodel, you should have chosen whether you are going with traditional chrome, brushed metal or colored fixtures. If you are planning to go with colored fixtures, then you should order ahead. Colored fixtures are not commonly stocked at local stores whereas chrome is the most readily available. You can also get replacements at short notice.

5. Choosing the right paint

Maybe your bathroom needs another coat of paint or perhaps it’s time to do something entirely different. Either way, the bathroom remodel is the perfect time to make the updates you want. If you can’t make a decision on what paint to choose, then consider picking neutral colours.

6. Bathroom Accessories

Dressing up your bathroom with accessories is a great way to add detail to your décor and can also save you money in the process. There’s plenty of resources available online to purchase any type of discount bathroom accessory you are looking for. Review your storage options, then purchase some appropriate storage solutions such as drawer dividers, and racks for towels and other supplies. If you have room, consider adding furniture such as a bench. It may offer a nice contrast to your bathroom space.

7. Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

There are some beautifully designed vanity cabinet styles available online, starting with high-end elegant designs to the more casual and contemporary. These items can be a little pricey depending on your tastes, so do some comparison shopping online because if you can afford it, the right vanity can add value and a design touch to your bathroom.

8. Lighting

Like any room you choose to remodel in your house, lighting will be a huge factor in the design of your bathroom. Choosing the wrong lights may make your bathroom appear dated, similarly if you choose lights that don’t fit the style you’ve gone with for your bathroom it may leave your bathroom looking off and confusing. Check online for different varieties and styles available for bathroom lighting and see what matches with the fixtures and features you have chosen.


The bathroom additions to add the most value to your home’s resale price are skylights, large walk-in showers, modern shower head fixtures, freestanding bathtubs, and his and her sinks. Low-end homes will reap the highest return on their owner’s investment in a bathroom remodeling project.
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