A chef worthy kitchen that won’t break the bank

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Most people see the kitchen as the focal point of the house. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, a well designed and kept kitchen can really boost the price of a home. However, a great kitchen brings more than monetary value to a home. Your environment plays a big role in how you feel so your kitchen, like every other room in your house, should leave you feeling great. In your kitchen you are the chef, and as the chef, your kitchen should be a place where creativity can take its form through food.

1. Lighting and Electrical Sockets

Lighting is probably the most important thing to get right. You can update your lights to more modern looks with an arrangement of hanging lights to add depth to your kitchen atmosphere. However, kitchen lighting isn’t just limited to ceiling lights. Consider using strip lights inside or around drawers, under wall units, and cabinets. This will not only make your kitchen look and feel updated but also provide variety to the different lights you can make use of. When it comes to electric sockets, it is important to spread it out throughout the kitchen. An abundance of sockets will make everything more convenient, with the consideration of all the small appliances you may be using in your kitchen. You want to be able to make use of appliances throughout your kitchen, electric sockets will give you the options to do so. Remember to place them a considerable distance from any water source.

2. Flooring

Whether you have hardwood or tiles in your kitchen, the important thing to remember is that carpets/rugs are huge no for any kitchen. Hardwood and tiles are easy to clean whenever spills occur, but carpeting/rugs are not. You can put floormats Infront of high traffic or spill zones such as the oven or sink but make sure these mats are easy to clean materials and never fabrics.

3. Utensils and Accessories (chairs,tables, utensils, etc.)

What good is a kitchen if it doesn’t serve its main purpose? Every kitchen needs to be equipped with the right tools and accessories. Stock your kitchen with utensils and small appliances you will need not with what you want but will never use. This will end up saving you space and money in the long term. When purchasing small appliances, choose higher quality items. This may cost more in the short term, but these appliances can last for more than a decade, saving you money and time in the long term. Kitchen accessories go a long way in making your kitchen more functional and alluring.  Island stools, spice racks, bamboo cutting boards, wine bar, and dish racks are just several examples of elements that you can add to your kitchen.

4. Organize your Kitchen

In order to keep a clean and pristine looking kitchen it must be organized. Arranging the storage of utensils, pots, pans, and small appliances so that they are easily accessible is important for every kitchen. Cooking utensils, pots, and pans should be stored near the stove for convenience. If there are utensils and/or appliances that are seldom used in your kitchen, consider storing them in a cupboard or getting rid of them in order to save space. Ensuring that countertop appliances when not in use are stored away will keep your kitchen looking decluttered. If possible, store silverware and dishes near your dining area. Not only is this more practical but also makes these items more accessible when needed. I highly recommend purchasing some draw organizers which will allow you to make better use of your drawer space. For spices, purchasing a spice rack either for cabinets or the countertop to organize and store your spices in one place.

5. Kitchen Sink

If you are looking into small upgrades for your kitchen that won’t break the bank, then upgrade your kitchen sink! Choosing the type of kitchen sink you need depends on what it would be best suited for. A modern look that is trending with people upgrading their kitchen is a single basin sink. The basin sink is a safe option to go with if you aren’t entirely sure which sink to go with as it makes use of the most space. Since there isn’t any segmentation it can accommodate different sized pots, pans, and dishes due to its depth. Additionally, its simple look makes it a top pick for modern designs.

6. Faucets

Another small upgrade you can make for your kitchen without breaking the bank is to change your faucet fixture for your kitchen. When shopping for a faucet for your sink there are many different styles and features to choose from.  There are single taps, dual taps, swivel features, extendable hoses, high-arch, etc. Faucets can get pricey so it’s best to research before you buy to ensure you are happy with your decision.

7. Up-to-date Appliances

Up-to-date appliances can give any kitchen a facelift. Keep your appliances modern with stainless steel finishes for your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, fan, and microwave. If you are fond of a specific brand of appliances try to stick to that same brand for all your appliances. Brand’s usually release a suite of products in batches which will mean all your products will have complementary designs.

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