A Fresh New City for a Fresh New Start

Sometimes a fresh start means a new place to call home. You may have decided your current way of life isn’t working for you anymore, and the best way to move forward is to put your past in the rearview mirror. For whatever reason, you see a brighter and more fulfilling future for yourself in a new city or state. Fortunately for you, the how-to on doing just that is easier than ever, thanks to online research capabilities and low-cost transportation.

Choosing Your New Way of Life

What do you want in your new city? Do you want to live in a major metropolitan area, or would you prefer to live somewhere more rural? Do you want to live near family or friends? Do you want an urban experience with all of the amenities that come with it, or would you rather have a quieter lifestyle in an area with less traffic and more green space? Deciding what matters most to you will be a main determining factor in where you choose to live.

Cost of Living

It is important to research the cost of living before moving to a new area in order to make sure your budget allows you to live comfortably. The cost of living can vary significantly even between neighboring towns and cities, making it vital that you do the research beforehand. This includes costs associated with housing, utilities, taxes, health care and other essentials such as food and clothing. Knowing the cost of living can help you adjust your savings goals accordingly so that you are able to afford everything while still having money left over for leisure activities or additional expenses. Additionally, researching typical salaries for the profession or field that you plan to be working in can help determine whether moving to the new area is financially feasible.

Your Career

What are your career goals? For instance, if you want a job in a certain industry, say the tech industry, then it would be better to move somewhere where there are more opportunities in this field, like Atlanta or Portland. If you’re in the medical field, you’ll find most of your opportunities will be in cities like Boston or Houston.

You may decide that once you get settled in, going back to school is the best option for your career. In fact, you can get started while you’re settling in by signing up for classes through an online university. For example, if you’re going back to school in order to earn your online bachelor of education, look into colleges that allow you to select your start time. This way you can fit your education and your new career into a schedule that works best for you.

Moving Your Business

If you’re an entrepreneur, you have your employees and clients to think of when you move, as well. If your business is based out of your home and you sell or service your clients via your website, you’ll still need to make accommodations for that. If you’ve structured your business as an LLC in your current state, you’ll have to transfer that to the new state where your business will be located. Rules vary from state to state, so you’ll need to check to be sure you’re following the proper steps on how to start an LLC.

Feeling at Home

It’s not easy to find your place in a new city. You need to find the right job, make friends, and have a social life. It can be tough to know where to start. There are loads of ways of doing this, however, like joining clubs or groups with similar interests as you. Meetup is an excellent resource for finding people and groups that share your interests. Or try volunteering. Volunteer organizations are always happy to bring in new people, and it’s a great way to both get to know and give back to your new community. Be proactive and make sure that you meet as many people as possible so that you don’t end up lonely.

When you move to a new place, you have the opportunity to start afresh. You can leave behind your past and all the baggage that comes with it. You are free to build a new life for yourself in a place where no one knows you. With some planning, like checking out housing prices and job opportunities, learning what’s involved in moving your business, and knowing how to make new friends, you can begin the journey towards a brand new you!

Written by: Megan Cooper at Real Life Home

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