Choosing The Right Home Office Furniture

Whether you work or run a business from home, you will probably spend more time in your office than most. If you do not have a dedicated workspace, then that is even more reason to take the step to building your own home office. Your home office reflects how seriously you take your business and work. An office fit for a professional will leave a better impression to potential clients about the type of business you have and work you do. Even if you are not customer facing, a professional looking office promotes a more relaxed, organized, and collected mindset. It is only fitting to ensure that your home office is well furnished to promote and motivate your work ethic.

For the time you will be spending in your home office, it is important that you furnish your office with items that will make you feel and want to work in that space. In keeping with that theme, a way to achieve that kind of workspace is by ensuring that you feel comfortable and functional. Does that mean you need to go all out and spend a fortune on brand new, brand name furniture? Not necessarily! There are plenty of retailers you can browse from that offer different styles for affordable prices. If you do enough digging, you can probably find a lot of items you are interested in on sale. You can also look into buying furniture second-hand.

Let’s get into the most important pieces of furniture that any office space should have, and a couple optional additions to keep in mind.

Choosing your Desk

The size of your office will determine what sized furniture pieces you can utilize. If your room can accommodate it, go for a large desk. Your desk should be wide enough and have enough surface space to hold your computer monitor, keyboard, and possibly desktop (if you choose to put it on your desk). You need to also be able to have enough working space to spread out documents or papers you are working on.  You can go with a desk that has drawers to help organize your clutter and provide more storage of documents and files. However, if you are looking for a more affordable desk you can opt for a simple desk with shelves instead of drawers. Remember that a desk that makes you feel cramped and suffocated can discourage you from working, and the goal is to promote a working environment that you feel comfortable in. Additionally, a standing desk may be a great option as it provides the flexibility to offer the option for sitting and standing which is better for overall body health.

Choosing your Chair

If you are looking to save money on furniture, a chair is probably the one area where you shouldn’t.  You are more than likely going to be sitting on your chair for more than several hours, and the last thing you need is to be sitting on something uncomfortable or that will cause you pain. So, buy the best office chair that you can afford that can provide adequate support and comfort. Always look for purchasing an ergonomic chair. It should have a slight contour to follow the curve of your back, proper support for your neck, and should be comfortable to sit on for several hours. Stress on the spine caused from sitting and lack of back support can cause serious health problems that can be avoided. Additionally, it should have adjustable features such as adjustable arm rests, seat height, back rest pitch, and seat pitch. As our bodies are all different, these features will allow you to alter the settings to what feels comfortable to you.

Choosing Storage Space

Storage space is a must for any office. Everything you are not working on needs to be stored somewhere, so that it does not take up unnecessary space on your desk and disturb your work. Storage includes drawers, cabinets, shelves, bookshelves, organizers, and bins. You will find that papers and projects will start to pile up rapidly when there is no organization without these useful storage tools. Do yourself a favor and invest in a couple of these tools, it will save you time and aggravation in the future.

Optional Additions


Your home office does not need to be all work, you can incorporate accessories that can contrast an office space to add a bit of life to it. Plants provide a naturalistic element to your office that contrasts with the hardware and technology that will be in your office. It also adds some vibrant colour and freshness.

Wireless Charging Mats

You can charge all your devices such as earphones, watch, tablet, and phone on a wireless charging mat. It looks modern, will minimize the number of cables, and organize your devices in one area on your desk.

Desk Lamps

Adequate lighting is important to have when you will be using your monitor for extended hours during the day. Staring at a screen can put a strain on your eyes – proper lighting will be able to mitigate that strain.

An often-overlooked aspect of any home office is the furniture. It is understandable to think that the priority is always the work when it comes to working at home. However, if you don’t work in a properly supported environment not only will your body suffer, but your work will too. Invest in proper furniture so that you can work comfortably. Use these design tips and get started on building a better home office.

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