Creating the Ultimate Cinema Experience at Home

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You’ve decided to build your own home theatre and thought it would be best to do some research before you dive in. Searching online and becoming more knowledgeable before you start any project is always the smartest move to make.

When designing your own home theatre room a few things have probably gone through your head; you’re going to need a huge TV, some nice theatre seats, and some themed lighting. While you’re on the right track, dedicating an entire room to watching shows and movies can be one of the most exciting rooms in your house, and therefore deserves thoughtful consideration. Choosing the right theatre equipment, furniture, lighting, and themes is not always easy but can transform your theatre room into the most visited place in your house.

There are a few key considerations that should come into play before you embark on building your home theatre.


Putting together a home theatre can be a costly endeavour. By the time a screen or projector, and sound system are picked out, there may not be enough left in the budget for home theatre furniture. Set a solid budget for buys and make sure you plan for the big picture rather than just the main equipment. Additionally, you don’t have to go all out all at once. Buy the necessities for the home theatre first and slowly make the other purchases when you have the means to do so.


While many homeowners may want to have rows of specially designed movie theatre seating, this might not be feasible for most homes. Conceptualize and plan out your space before buying anything. You don’t want to buy everything and then realize that you don’t have enough space for your vision.


There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to the types of furniture for home theatres. From basic living room sets to full recliners, there are combinations and arrangements for any style. Sticking to one style or theme will ensure that the elements you choose will work well together.  Keep that in mind if you are making purchases in parts.


This is one of the biggest concerns in home theatre furniture aside from comfortability. Snacks and drinks go hand in hand with any movie, so consider having small tables or drink holders incorporated in your furniture decisions. In terms of storage, you may need to purchase a media console to store all your devices such as gaming consoles, blu-ray player, and streaming devices.

Keeping these considerations in mind, we’re going to break down the top 7 features to make your home theatre into a true cinema experience.

1. TV/Projector

You can’t have a home theatre without a screen. Whether it be a TV or a projector, this will be the center focus of the room. Invest in screen quality and size. A great TV can last for a long time before it needs to be upgraded. The newest TV screens use OLED/QLED technology and if you can afford it, opt for the newer tech. The main difference between an OLED over QLED TV is that you get a superior black level. The OLED TV turns off individual LEDs so that it emits no light, creating a true black, unlike QLED TVs which try to achieve black and darkness through dimming LEDs. The only downside to OLED and QLED TVs is that because they are a relatively new technology on the market right now, they can be very expensive.

2. Seating

There are only a few types of seating for a home theatre room, either you go with recliners, loungers, or a couch/sectional. Of course, there is a huge variety of different options once you decide what type of seating you choose. For example, if you decide on getting a couch/sectional there are many different designs and styles to consider. But in any case, the main choice you are making is for comfort and functionality. Survey the furniture market for different seating options you can choose from and the advantages/disadvantages they bring to your space.

3. Surround Sound System 

A proper cinematic experience requires the appropriate surround sound system. You can go with a single or multi device speaker system for your surround sound. Personally, I’ve always gone with multi device speaker systems because I’ve found the sound more immersive. I would recommend buying a surround sound system as a set all at once rather than individually over time. Over time capabilities and compatibilities of technology will change. If you decide to build your speaker system in pieces you may find that the products you bought previously may not offer the same quality of sound compared to your new devices, or worse – may not even be compatible.

4. Media Console and other Entertainment Cabinets

There are many different types of storage furniture you can choose for your home theatre room. If you know you’re going to be streaming more than anything then you probably don’t need to buy a lot of storage. Pick out furniture based on themes and styles you have chosen for your theatre room. If you just need storage for the basics then I’d recommend going with a simple media console. A media console will help store your main devices such as digital cable box, streaming boxes, surround sound receiver and center bar, and gaming consoles.

5. Lighting

A home theatre room needs the right lighting to create a cinematic experience. Choosing ambient lighting with dimmable features will create a perfect screen watching atmosphere. If you aren’t sure what type of lights to go with, try modelling your choices over the style of lighting in movie theatres. Consider LED strips, pot lights, or wall mounted lighting fixtures.

Optional Lighting: You could add a in-wall electric fireplace. They add great ambient lighting and can make the room feel more cozy.

6. Snack/Drink Bar

Depending on your budget and the size of your room, you could incorporate a small bar in your theatre room. Have your drinks, snacks, and movies all in one place.

7. Tables

If the seating you have chosen doesn’t have a tray or cup holders then you are going to want to purchase some small tables for you to place your drinks and snack while you are enjoying your movie. No one wants to be holding something during an entire movie.

8. BONUS: Movie Memorabilia (posters, props)

You shouldn’t restrict yourself to just seating and lighting for the design of your home theatre.  You could add some framed movie posters or memorabilia to add another layer to your space. Take for instance you’re a big fan of marvel movies – you could have framed posters along the wall of the movie release posters from each movie. This was written as a bonus feature because this feature depends on the style you’re going for

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