Daily Habits for a Clean and Relaxing Home Life

Some people seem blessed with the ‘tidy’ gene—with their home looking neat, balanced, and organized at all times. If you find yourself stressing out about creating a tidier life, just remember that there is no secret hack that will magically solve all your problems. What does work, however, is consistency. Simply + Fiercely reports that the daily habit of decluttering goes beyond how your space looks: tidying up can transform all aspects of your life.

In this article, HomebyDesigns walks you through the easiest habits that will help you create a clean and calm environment.

Follow the Five Minute Rule

This mantra is easy—if there’s a tidying task that has been on your to-do list, take five minutes to get it started. Don’t just sit there thinking about the job and whether or not you should put it off for later (we’ve all been there)! Instead, take five minutes out of your day to complete as much of the task as possible. You’d be surprised at how much you can get done in five minutes: and according to Marie Kondo, your mind will feel lighter too.

Straightening on the fly can be made easier by labeling areas that are frequently used. You can use a label maker to create great looking labels quickly and easily. Once you have an area organized to your liking, apply the labels and use them to keep things organized.

Learn the Art of Prioritizing

One daily mindset you should ingrain within yourself is understanding what to prioritize. We all have a laundry list of to-dos, tasks, and chores that we want to get to. However, sometimes it’s just not possible to do it all! Prioritize which tasks or areas need your critical attention. We suggest starting with the kitchen sink and counters, as the mess there can really pile up. Get to the bathroom if you have a little extra time, and then work your way towards other spaces you spend a lot of time in.

Clean as You Go

This habit hack is life-changing! Get into the habit of tidying along the way. If you see a dirty counter when you’re cooking dinner, give it a wipe. Do some ironing when you’re watching TV so that your laundry doesn’t pile up. Make your bed right when you get out of bed. Once you start watching out for messes, tidying will start coming to you naturally. If you’re looking for some clean-as-you-go-ideas, check out this handy list by ApartmentTherapy. You’ll be surprised at how much cleaner the house is, and without any effort either!

Keep Switching Things Up

A big part of living a clean and tidy home life is to know when to let go. Consider your furniture and belongings, and try to slowly start giving away items that no longer serve you. You can also give new life to existing belongings by upcycling them into a better version of themselves! For example, don’t throw away that well-worn old sofa just yet. Instead, contact furniture upholstery services that will help you extend the life of couches, chairs, and other furniture.

Finding a pro to lend a hand with these projects begins with searching for upholsterers. Evaluate companies in your area by reading reviews and testimonials. You can then get a quote for how much the reupholstering will set you back, although the cost depends on the type of furniture. When you’re budgeting for sprucing up your belongings, also consider  the fabric type, and note custom elements will cost a little extra.

Keeping your home clean can feel like an uphill battle—there’s always so much to do! Maintaining a relaxing and inviting home isn’t about scrubbing away at all hours of the day. Instead, simple but effective habits can go a long way in keeping your home calming and comfortable. So, get tidying to create a stress-free, healthy, and balanced home space today!

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