Is it Time to Transition Your Home Business to a Bigger Home?

Running a business out of your home can be an affordable venture with a lot of flexibility for your personal needs and your business growth. However, the time may come when your business has grown to the point that it’s no longer viable nor convenient to run out of your present abode. This may mean it’s time to transition your company into its own space, or maybe build or add on to your existing property. However, if neither of these options is affordable or practical, you might want to think about relocating both yourself and your business to a larger, more convenient residence.

Balancing personal life with work life.

You probably weren’t thinking in terms of accommodating your business when you purchased your present residence. But this time, you’ll have to keep your business’s needs front and center, while also seeking out a home that will suit you and your family. You don’t want to neglect the needs of your family for the sake of business accommodations. However, you also don’t want to risk running into the same problems with a home that won’t work well for your business. So make a list of wants and needs from both perspectives.

What to look for when shopping for a home for your business.

You probably have a pretty clear idea of what your family likes and dislikes, and what’s most beneficial for them. But what about your business? What makes a house a good home for a growing company? Well, one thing you want to prioritize is location. Look for a home in a neighborhood that is zoned for business, easily accessible, and has other attractive amenities that would draw visitors to the community. For instance, proximity to a popular coffee shop can benefit a business. Whereas being near a noisy industrial area  may deter potential clients/customers . Take into consideration parking, too. If you intend to have clients or associates come to your home office, make it easy and accessible for them to park and get there.

Keeping the move low-stress.

Moving is a headache even at the best of times. So, moving while trying to keep a business going is probably not going to be the most fun experience of your life. Try to keep your stress levels under control by staying organized and planning everything in advance. A little extra time spent planning your move, communicating with associates, and researching moving companies can save you a whole lot of time and annoyance, down the road.

Setting up a perfect home office.

Once your move is finished, set aside some more time to design a home office you can be genuinely happy to work from. Think about what problems hampered your efficiency in your old space. Not enough room? Too much clutter? Not enough storage? Organize your space with order and efficiency in mind, with accessible storage options so you don’t lose or misplace items or documents. But don’t forget to make it aesthetically appealing, also. Check out different interior design styles and some design tips from the Home by Designs blog.

Tips for managing a growing business.

Now that you’ve had to upsize to accommodate your business, think about whether you need to make any other changes, to stay abreast of your company’s growth. One possibility to consider  may be hiring professional employees or freelancers to manage the load of your expanding business . Another might be to fill in any gaps in your knowledge or experience, that might be interfering with your ability to manage or scale your business. Many business owners find that a business-related degree makes a significant difference for their company’s success, so consider enrolling in an online MBA program to better master business, finance, and management techniques.

Moving your home business to a new home is an effort that is likely to pay off in terms of better quality of life and greater business productivity. So if your home just isn’t working well for your business, start planning now to make a smooth and painless transition.

Written by: Suzie Wilson at Happier Home

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